SLIM Ambition Boot CaMP

 Our Story:

Slim Ambition is a Fargo, ND-based company opened in January 2012.  Since then, we’ve helped thousands of clients improve their body image, lose weight, gain muscle and improve overall health.  Our very favorite client stories are those where weight loss has resulted in reductions in cholesterol, blood pressure, and medication use.  That’s what it’s all about!  Our staff maintains several certifications in personal training, nutrition and health, along with a myriad of personal experiences helping people just like you.  Our areas of expertise include body image changes, weight loss, body fat reduction, improved fitness, health/energy enhancements and even body-building.  We have the knowledge, experience and tools to help anyone interested in improving their healthful lifestyle.  Perhaps, most importantly, we are incredibly passionate about what we do.  We insist on getting our clients the results they expect and we will NOT accept anything less. 


“Hello everyone.  I just wanted to thank you for your services and how it helped me and not only with appearance but my overall health.  I had my annual checkup with blood work and the results came back showing great improvements over last year.  My cholesterol is down 44 points, triglycerides are down 83 points, HDL is up 1 point, and my LDL is down 27 points.  I was so concerned with my weight gain over the year but with a better diet and exercise routines I was able to bring my numbers to a more healthy level.  I also noticed my shoulders/back muscles aren’t as sore and tight due to the cardio workouts that are stretching the chest cavity muscles in a different direction with more oxygen available to them.  It takes will and determination to succeed in a weight-loss program, but you gave me the extra push to keep it under control.  Thank you, again!”  Jackie S.  Fargo, ND

 “In May 2012, I decided to get serious about my weight loss.  I was desperate to make a change in my life.  I even tried out for The Biggest Loser!  Unfortunately, I wasn’t chosen.  A friend of mine approached me and told me about Slim Ambition, so I decided to give it a try.  Now, one month later, I’m truly excited about the results!  I am down 2 pant sizes and feeling fantastic!  I’m continuing on with Slim Ambition to fulfill my own ‘slim ambitions’!” 

Shelly S.  Fargo, ND

 “No more body image slump!  When I look in the mirror…WOW!  Thanks, Slim Ambition!   Kim A.  Denver, CO

Laser Body Sculpting treatments are available for an additional charge in some locations.

Welcome to the Slim Ambition Boot Camp and thank you for your interest in participating!  We assure you that, if you closely follow the Boot Camp program, you’ll get excellent results, whether you’re trying to lose weight, lose body fat, get fitter or just get healthier, all without leaving your home to go to a gym!  Join the Slim Ambition Team’s Boot Camp to not only get results (in only 8 weeks), but to ensure those results last a lifetime!